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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Columbia, SC

Columbia Bicycle Accident Lawyer with a fallen bike under a car and helmetIf you have been hurt in a bicycle accident, you may want to consult a Columbia, SC bicycle accident attorney. You may be entitled to compensation. A skilled lawyer can help you file a timely claim and protect your legal rights.

Common Misconceptions About Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle can provide great exercise and is good for the environment. However, if the proper precautions are not taken, bicycle accidents can occur. Here are some common misconceptions about bicycle accidents.

  • It Is Safer To Ride A Bicycle On The Sidewalk Than The Road

    Some bicyclists may get intimidated by sharing the road with vehicles and decide to ride on the sidewalk. However, riding on the sidewalk can actually be more dangerous than riding on the street. Motorists don’t expect to see bicyclists on the sidewalk and may not look for them when backing out of their driveways.

  • Bicyclists Don’t Have To Follow The Same Traffic Laws As Motorists

    This is not true. Bicyclists are actually required by law to obey the same traffic laws as other motorists. This includes stopping at red lights and stop signs, making the proper turn signals and riding in the same direction as traffic. If they fail to follow these traffic rules, they may be considered at least partially at-fault in an accident.

  • Bicyclists Frequently Cause Bicycle Accidents

    Although bicyclists can sometimes cause bicycle accidents, it is motorists who cause the majority of them. As a Columbia bicycle accident attorney can confirm, many bicycle accidents are caused by distracted motorists or motorists who don’t yield to bicyclists.

  • Bicycles Don’t Require Lights At Night

    South Carolina law actually requires bicyclists to have front white lights and red rear reflectors when riding at night. These lights can make bicyclists more visible and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Wearing A Helmet Can Prevent Head Injuries

    If you get into a bicycle accident, you can still suffer head injuries with a helmet. However, that does not mean you should not wear one. A bicycle helmet can lessen the severity of the head injuries you sustain in an accident.

  • A Car Has To Directly Hit A Bicycle To Be Held Liable

    This is another common myth about bicycle accidents. The truth is that a car does not have to make contact with a bicycle to incur liability. For instance, if a car swerves all over the road and forces a bicyclist to take quick action and crash, the driver could still be held responsible.

Consulting a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident caused by another motorist, you deserve justice. It is important to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer promptly. A lawyer will know the true value of your case and help you go after the compensation you deserve. He or she will handle negotiations with the insurance company.

Schedule a consultation with a Columbia bicycle accident attorney from Woron and Dhillon, LLC today to learn what is the next action you need to take for your case.

Types of Bike Accidents

A Columbia, SC bicycle accident lawyer knows that people who are injured in bike accidents often sustain serious to severe injuries. Many of the injuries are fatal. This is because there is nothing that protects the cyclist when a car or truck slams into them. In addition to that impact, many bike accident victims are thrown when they are hit, landing hard on pavement or on top of the vehicle that hits them. There are several common scenarios for bike accidents. Knowing the most common types can help cyclists be aware and hopefully avoid being hit. If you do find yourself a bike accident victim, contact Woron and Dhillon, LLC for legal assistance.

Right Hook

A right hook bike accident occurs when a vehicle driver tries to take a right turn, but there is a cyclist who is riding right next to them, on the right side of the vehicle. As the vehicle turns, it hits the bike, often resulting in serious injuries to the bike rider.

Left Cross

Anyone who is riding a bike is required to follow the same traffic laws as vehicle drivers, but they also have the same right-of-way rights as vehicle drivers do. When a vehicle and a bike are traveling in opposite directions and the vehicle driver wants to take a left turn, the cyclist has the right of way and the vehicle driver is supposed to wait until the cyclists pass by. Unfortunately, as a Columbia bicycle accident lawyer knows, too many drivers fail to follow that rule and attempt to take the left turn, slamming into the cyclist. This is referred to as a left cross accident.


Every vehicle driver should abide by the three-second rule whenever there is someone in front of them, whether that someone is in another vehicle, a motorcycle, or a bike. When a vehicle travels too close, any sudden stops or slowdowns can result in a bike accident.

When drivers fail to follow the three-second rule of keeping at least three seconds of distance between their vehicle and the vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle in front of them, they substantially increase the risk of causing a rear-end accident.

Open Door

Open door bike accidents happen frequently and often result in serious injury to the bike rider – even if there isn’t actual contact between the vehicle and the bike because of the potential reaction of the cyclist in trying to avoid the impact.

These incidents happen when an occupant in a parked vehicle opens the door of the vehicle just as a cyclist is riding by. If the door hits the cyclist, they can be thrown from the bike and suffer injuries. Another possible scenario is the cyclist swerves to avoid the door and falls off the bike or is hit by another vehicle driving by.

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