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Workers’ Compensation For Fatigue

Posted March 13, 2023 in Personal Injury

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims can feel tedious. Many people believe they are more effort than they are worth and that, by filing a claim, they will rock the boat at work or that they will not be viewed as a team player. Neither of these things is true and it is important to know that regardless of the type of illness or injury you get from work you seek to get compensation for it. It is your right as an employee to get compensated for on-the-job illnesses and injuries and injuries caused by fatigue or not different. That said, fatigue can be slightly more difficult to prove than a machine injury or a slip and fall, so working with a lawyer who understands the details of workers’ compensation laws in your state is crucial. 

How can workers’ compensation cover something like fatigue? 

At first glance, it may seem like workers’ compensation would not cover a person who is tired from working. Isn’t everyone just a little bit tired from working? Fatigue and exhaustion are more than simply being tired, however. Fatigue does not happen overnight and it is something that has likely been building up over time. You may notice signs of fatigue if you are dealing with: 

  • Having issues sleeping
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed or stressed
  • Feeling paranoid
  • Feeling depressed or anxious

Though it is best to let your employer know when you are fatigued and burnt out, it can often be difficult to pinpoint exactly when that tipping point is. 

How Workers’ Compensation Covers Fatigue

As lawyers, like workers’ compensation lawyers from a law firm like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. know, fatigue and other long-term illnesses can be slightly more difficult to prove when filing for workers’ compensation benefits. That does not mean proving it will be impossible, though. Your lawyer will want you to see a doctor if you haven’t already to help show the link between fatigue and your workplace injury. You can keep a log of your working hours and what you are asked to do to show how they relate to your ability to work and lead a productive life. 

Especially in circumstances where you became injured as a direct result of fatigue, you want to know that you will be able to cover your medical bills. You may be concerned that you need to show someone else was negligent, but workers’ compensation seeks to help those who were injured as a result of working conditions. It does not hinge on whether someone else was responsible for your injuries. 

When you are fatigued from work, it can cause car or truck accidents as well as heavy machinery accidents. Take truck drivers, for example. They are often required to be on the road for long hours and this kind of job can make getting into an accident on the road more likely. 

If you were injured as a result of workplace-induced fatigue, it is time to seek legal help for your workers’ compensation claim. Reach out to a lawyer to set up a consultation for your case now. 

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