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Truck Accident Lawyer North Augusta, SC

With so many reckless drivers on the roadway, collisions are bound to happen. When commercial trucks are involved in accidents, the degree of personal injury and property damage increases drastically. The truth of the matter is these vehicles are just so vast and hefty that when they come into contact with other cars, the results can be tragic. The sheer size of an 18-wheeler means that substantial force is behind the impact with another object. If you have recently been in a collision with a commercial truck, then now is the time to speak with our North Augusta, SC truck accident lawyer. You could be owed compensation for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, loss of earnings, and more. Contact Woron and Dhillon, LLC today to get started with your case evaluation so we can advise further.

Dangers Of Truck Accidents

Any kind of car accident is serious and could risk the lives of those involved. Nonetheless, collisions with large trucks such as tanker trucks or tractor-trailers have the potential to do more damage. Truck accidents are more dangerous because they can weigh as much as 25 times more than the average passenger car. This means that in a crash, the truck will have more momentum than a smaller vehicle. The truck has more inertia, so it tends to continue moving in the direction it was going prior to the collision, sometimes pushing other objects, cars, and debri in its wake. Additionally, semi trucks may be carrying freight in the form of material goods or hazardous chemicals. When a truck is part of an accident, these substances or items can result in a fire, explosion, harmful fumes, or items scattered across the roadway. The construction of tractor-trailers makes them more likely to jackknifing, which happens when one of the components slides sideways out of alignment with the rest of the truck. This may occur due to factors outside of the driver’s control, like inclement weather conditions. However, it also may be due to the truck driver not being trained well enough before being sent on a driving mission. The parties at fault for a truck accident could point to the trucker themselves, the trucking company, a part manufacturer, or another driver. If you have questions about pursuing compensation from the responsible party, contact our dedicated truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

Woron And Dhillon, LLC

Truck accidents tend to be more dangerous than other collisions, simply due to the fact that they weigh more and are significantly larger. Those in the other vehicle are likely to sustain the most serious injury and property damage. If this is true for you or a loved one, please contact Woron and Dhillon, LLC as soon as you are able. We strongly advise having our South Carolina truck accident attorney represent you and pursue restitution for what happened. The aftermath of a truck collision can be devastating. Let us come to your aid and offer sound legal guidance at this time. We are ready to speak with you.

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"Mr Woron is the best attorney I've ever had. I was in an accident and my car was totaled and it messed up my back. He made sure we were all taken care of referring us to the specialists we needed to see. He's an attorney you feel actually cares for his clients and doesn't just see you as a paycheck. If you're ever in an accident I highly recommend this man because you will most definitely be taken care of. Even the doctors he refers you to are amazing and genuinely care for your well being."
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